This year the world-renowned Noriega Street will be home to the third annual Ocean Beach Music and Art Festival. This FREE festival will be dedicated to the cultural and historic value of Ocean Beach.

The Outer Noriega Merchant Association (ONMA) along with its great residents are joining together to celebrate the vibrant beauty that is Noriega Street. This family friendly festival will feature six stages, over ten food vendors, two beer gardens, over twenty live music acts, live art installations, a kids zone, mobile petting zoo, and a pumpkin patch. So please join us on October 8th for a day to remember!


Travis Hayes

Travis Hayes isn’t the type to wear emotions on his sleeve. He saves that for his songs- brutally honest most of the time, and endearingly heartfelt all the time. Hayes continues the timeless tradition of soul-bearing songwriting to interpret our shared human experience into music. Love, heartbreak, fading friendships, fraught relationships – they’re all expressed achingly through his impassioned voice and melodic guitar lines. Hayes echoes the earnestness of Springsteen, the pop sensibility of Petty, and the raw emotion of Ryan Adams. Simply put by Music Junkie Press, “If you are from the Bay Area and haven’t been to a Travis Hayes show, then you are missing out.”


O (formerly Black Cobra Vipers) Alternately compared to Roxy Music, Aphrodite's Child, Klaatu, Salvia Plath, Madonna, The Buzzcocks, Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley, Lord Buckley, the feeling you have when you wake after receiving dental gas, Mariah Carey played backwards, Prince, Booker T & The MG’s, Pere Ubu, Queen and the sound of plants recorded under microscopic conditions.. the rise of O (formerly Black Cobra Vipers) has been so rapid that that facts about where they actually came from have been lost in the litany of lawsuits over fainting and/or crushed girls and the copyright claims associated with sending and receiving telepathic imagery, especially from beyond this life.

Some things however are irrefutable facts [You can't kill yourself by holding your breath / You're born with 300 bones, but by the time you become an adult, you only have 206 /Slugs have 4 noses] and anyone who recently witnessed the spectacle of Gregory Di’ Martino, the 6ft 8” lead singer of Black Cobra Vipers, silencing the crowd at a Monster Truck Rally in Des Moines, Iowa with nothing more than a gentle guitar and a searing voice calling out an impassioned hymn to an alcoholic beverage [“Colt 45”], knew that they were witnessing the birth of something special. Not just a new band or a new sound, but a new way of being. Motorcycle’s hung seemingly in mid-air and cigarettes fell loosely from the lips of men who were twice the size of other large men. Regardless of whether they were eventually run out of town in a barrage of flames and shameful remorse [they were], for a brief moment a natural law had been circumvented, and all those who witnessed were never the same again.


Meernaa is a power trio consisting of the space between the stars also known as “Dark Matter.”

Down and Outlaws

To Down and Outlaws, it’s obvious and unavoidable. But apparently an all-for-one philosophy of songwriting and identity is an anomaly in the modern era of music. Recorded in a marathon one-week session at Studio 606, “Above Snakes” finds San Francisco’s Down and Outlaws fine-tuning their place musically and striving to channel the restless, pissed off spirits of rock and roll history.

As Above Snakes -- an old west term meaning “still alive” -- suggests, the band believes in music that’s fresh, yet pleasantly unpolished; brash, but wary; accessible, but never cheap.

In “I Don't Care,” Peter Danzig proclaims: “I’m a sickness/ I’m a cheat/ I don’t care if I feel a thing.” And the whole band joins in to scream the title line with an urgency that proves just the opposite.

The band’s show is the source and primary outlet of that urgency. A friend recently commented, “I’ve been trying to record your set for months, but you’re too fuckin’ loud!” This music is based on freedom and escape from everything else that drags you down, if only for 40 minutes.

Miss Lightning

Grit meets velvet, honey, silk, and soul in our vision of what the future holds for rock and roll.

Bear Call

A skewed sense of romanticism, love for cheap alcohol (though only because it is all that is affordable) and a fear of wasting youth, Skyler Warren started Bear Call alone in his bedroom in late 2011. Three years and a number of failed attempts and broken hearts later, something resembling a real band was formed with the help of Nikk Moreno and Eric “Moose knucks” Mohammed. Together, these three lads are attempting to go the distance and capture the lo-fi sound that no one in San Francisco (except for everyone in the mid 2000s) has captured before before. Fuzzy, reverb drenched guitars? Check. Driving, heavy bass? Check. Loud, hard hitting drums? Check. Lyrics about love, frustration, and pissing yourself in a one night stands bed? Check. Drawing influence from San Francisco garage rock heroes like Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall, Bear Call is searching for a way to stay 20-something forever while evading all responsibility and forever chasing an excuse to wake up hungover. You are all welcome along for the ride, especially you, Mom.

Spooky Mansion

Spooky Mansion rocks. They kick your ass and then act pretty relaxed about it. They will hang out with you, and are down to drink your bevies. Think Punk’d meets Pimp My Ride, etc.

The Old Folks

“In an age where drums are played on a machine and auto-tune is the vocal standard, The Old Folks bring back the grit and soul of rock and roll.” The Old Folks are a rock n’ roll power trio based out of San Francisco. Their sound is a galvanic, dynamic mixture of rock n’ roll and country, which has also been dubbed as garage-folk. The Old Folks live shows are always full of energy and raw emotion and are guaranteed to be a memorable expirience. They just released their first album, Candy’s Oranges, and have been quickly growing momentum in the Bay Area since their 2015 inception.

Tino Drima

Tino Drima is a cauldron of then, now, and what will be. Crooning hell harmonies over charmed, ripping beats Tino channels music that feels like it has always existed. Think the inter-dimensional 50s radio in Old Man Cooper’s house that portals Classics from a more excellent world into his living room and everybody wants to hang out and listen and maybe stay the night even though it’s pretty weird there.

Chickenhead Johnson

To consider local SF Bay Area MC, singer and songwriter Ryan Greene a prolific artist would be an understatement. Since the mid-80’s, Bay Area native, Ryan Greene has devoted his life path to music and for this, has reaped the benefits of being a tenacious and charismatic staple in the Bay Area music scene. Making the transition from graffiti writer, to graphic artist, and now arranger, composer, producer, singer and emcee, Ryan Greene is an all-in-one package, with talent and skill that begs for comparison. Golden Shelltoes (self released), Ryan’s debut solo album, is the mark of three + years of writing, composing,designing, collaborating and many sleepless nights spent in the solitude of his personal recording studio. The result? An album that boasts star power, expert production and is as much hip hop, as it is blues, old school, r&b, soul and dirty funk. Ryan has played successful Golden Shelltoes live shows with Digital Underground, Das EFX, Tom Greene, Canibus, Devin The Dude, Bun B, Gift Of Gab, Bang Data, The Jazz Mafia, Z man from One Block Radius, Raw Deluxe, Felonius, Zeph and Azeem, Living Legends (Various groups and solo acts), Broun Felinis, Oakland Faders, Stymie and the Pimp Jones Love Orchestra, Lunar Heights, Crown City Rockers, Marc Stretch and many more SF Bay Area greats. Ryan Greene and Jamie Way have recently teamed up to create blends of Soul and Blues with heavy Hip Hop drums, and a dash of Jazz in their new project Chickenhead Johnson which is set to be released this summer. Chickenhead Johnson is on the road right now with a line up formed from the SF bay areas best live players and vocalists.

The Electric Arrows

The Electric Arrows are a blues band formed in 2015 in San Francisco, CA by Texas natives Ricky Wayne Garrett (drums) and Kelyn Crapp (guitar) with Efrem Whitaker (vocals) and Joe Belson (bass).

The group was put together when Ricky Wayne Garrett, longtime San Francisco based drummer (Inferno Of Joy, Turbine, etc.) and blues music enthusiast was able to recruit his childhood friend Kelyn Crapp to move to San Francisco, CA from Dallas, TX where they had both grown up together. The two then started writing original songs as well as playing old favorites to create a sound that reflected their shared love for early American music.

Garrett had since met Efrem Whitaker, a native of Atlanta, GA who had moved to San Francisco to study acting. The two had stayed up listening to records by the great blues and r&b singers of the 1950’s-60’s such as Freddie King, Billy Ward, Otis Rush and Jackie Wilson. Whitaker expressed his ambitions toward singing in a band and having both grown up with the music of the southern church, Garrett thought he’d be right at home and asked him to try out for his new blues group. 

After a couple months of writing and working out songs to play as a trio, the group answered an add from bassist Joe Belson, who’s tasteful pocket playing fit the sound perfectly. With the now established rhythm section, the band recorded a five song collection of demos.

As a new group played by old friends and new talents, The Electric Arrows look forward to bringing their music to the world, just to make sure the house can still shake a little bit!

French Cassettes

Since the three founding members of French Cassettes met in high school in 2006, they’ve been making the kind of indie rock tunes that have garnered them a reputation up and down the west coast.

After meeting in the small town of Ripon, CA, guitar player Mackenzie Bunch and brothers Scott and Thomas Huerta (vocalist and bassist, respectively) started writing music that would set the pace for a more mature sound represented on their recently released full length album, Gold Youth. French Cassettes’ sound is a satisfying use of instruments arranged into songs you’ll be dancing to and hooks you’ll be humming the next day. In summer of 2011, an incredibly hot summer by Ripon standards, the boys sweated out four songs that would later become their Summer Darling EP. The response to the EP put them on the radar for music lovers across the map. Soon after choosing life in San Francisco, they met James Gallagher, a local Jazz drummer, who quickly filled the role it would take to perk up ears at gigs in and out of the city.

After one listen, it’s easy to see why French Cassettes have quickly earned a slot at the top of the list of bands you need to know.

Claire George

Shortly after moving to San Francisco in 2011, Claire George stepped on stage to sing in public for the first time. Since then, she has been the front woman for local indie pop band, HEARTWATCH (fka The Tropics), who recently played Noise Pop, Phono del Sol, and Outside Lands Music Festival. Not having grown up playing an instrument, Claire began using electronic production as a songwriting tool for HEARTWATCH; however, she quickly fell in love with the challenge of producing songs on her own.

When it comes to music, taking risks is important to Claire, as that is how she began doing music in the first place. She hopes that by playing shows on her own, she will inspire others to take creative risks and to build a strong support system in the San Francisco music scene. Claire is currently working on her self-produced record, Be The Light. She has played solo shows at the Chapel bar, Milk Bar, and opened for Foxtrott and Black Atlass at Pop Montreal Music Festival.

Edward Dix

Edward Dix is an Okie-born, California-raised free-range singer-songwriter who lives and performs regularly in San Francisco. His completely organic original compositions as well as his carefully selected cover material contain no artificial ingredients or additives. Just fresh locally sourced guitar, voice, and harmonica. His music maintains a lyrical focus and seeks to continue and honor the great traditions of the songwriter and the folk singer. He currently maintains popular monthly residencies at Java Beach Café in the Outer Sunset, and at The Flying Pig Bistro in the Mission district.

James Houdini


DJ Platinum Patton

Born and raised in Southern style hip hop culture! He emerged a genius of his time. Hightailing the South out West he moved to learn the west coast story and what it had to teach him. Now with his awesome power he hones in the Left and the Right and makes them work as One ☝️!




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